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How To Work Fastag technology

How To Work Fastag technology ?

How To Work Fastag technology ? – Hello friends, how are you? Hope you will be fine and be safe at your own homes. Friends, in today’s article, what is Fastag to you? And I am going to tell you full details about how it works. So let’s get started…

FASTag has become mandatory on all vehicles passing through the National Highway from the midnight of February 15. This technique will be used on Toll Plaza of National Highway across the country.

Fastag technology  कैसे काम करते हैं
How To Work Fastag technology

The question must have come in your mind that how and from where to get it? Here we will answer all your questions.

What is Fastag Technology?

Fastag technology is one such tag, which is used as a quick recovery of Toll Tax at Toll Plaza. Fastag has been made mandatory on all vehicles passing on the National Highway from 1st December.

By using Fastag Technique, long queues at toll plazas can be reduced and time is also saved by installing Fastag on vehicles.

Right now this Fastag technology is being used on Toll Plaza on National Highway and the government plans to use this technology in a big way in future.

The government is working on this and is issuing instructions for all toll plazas. Currently, Fastag is being made mandatory on four wheeler vehicles.

जरुरत किसे है?(Who needs it)

New vehicle owners need not worry about Fastag technology. The reason for this is that these will be made available in advance at the time of registration.

The owner only has to activate and recharge the Fastag account. However, if you have an old card, then you can buy Fastag from those banks,

जो सरकार के National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) कार्यक्रम से अधिकृत हैं। इन बैंकों में Syndicate bank, Axis bank, IDFC bank, HDFC bank, State bank of India, ICICI bank, और Equitas bank शामिल हैं। आप Paytm से भी Fastag खरीद सकते हैं।

Where to get Fastag?

Fastag technology can be purchased offline from the bank by visiting any Point of Sale (POS) location. However, it is also quite easy to apply online to save time and long queues.

However, the process of applying Fastag technology is slightly different in different banks. Nevertheless, some important things of the application remain the same in all.

How do Fastag Techniques work?

RFID ie Radio-frequency Identification Technique is used in Fastag technology. Fastag is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle.

जैसे ही आप किसी National Highway के Toll Plaza से गुजरेंगे तो Toll Plaza पर लगे Fastag Detection Sensor आपके Fastag को आसानी से पढ़ लेंगे और शीघ्र Toll प्राप्त करने की कार्यवाही करेंगे।

After this, the prescribed toll tax amount will be deducted from your account and you will not need to face cash payment or toll plaza employee.

The process of Fastag technology is absolutely fine and fast, so this technology is likely to be used on a large scale in the future.

  1. जैसे ही आप की गाड़ी Toll Plaza में Enter करती है, तो सबसे पहले Fastag Scanner आपकी गाड़ी में लगे Fastag को Scan करता है।
  2. फिर उसके बाद Scanner Fastag में लगे Tag ID , LOGOS के आलावा 2 Important Components को भी Scan करता है। जिसको आखो से नहीं देखा जा सकता 2 Components में एक chip और एक एंटीना होता है। चिप में व्हीकल की Details होती है। इसी Details से Toll Fare कितना होगा यह पता चलता है और एंटीना की Help से Scanner details collect करता है।
  3. Scanner पूरी Details System को भेज देता है और Computer में आपके व्हीकल की Details आ जाती है।
  4. ये पूरी Detail Toll Plaza से Acquirer Bank (वो bank जो Toll Plaza की तरफ से काम करेगा) को Send कर दी जाती है।
  5. Acquirer Bank जो Toll Plaza की तरफ से Operate हो रहा है, वो Fastag की Details को check करने की लिए की Fastag Valid है या नहीं NETC Mapper को Forward कर देता है।
  6. NETC Mapper जिसके पास अब तक जारी किये गए सारे Fastag की details होती है वो Acquirer Bank से लायी गयी Fastag technology detail को check करता है और Fastag Valid होने पर Acquirer Bank को बता देता है।
  7. ये Acquirer Bank Fastag Valid है या नहीं ये confirm होने के बाद Amount calculate करता है की कितना Amount लेना है और फिर Debit Request को NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection) के पास भेज देता है।
  8. NETC Debt Request को Issuer बैंक को Forward कर देता है और फिर ये Issuer बैंक Fastag holder या बोला जाये तो गाड़ी के मालिक के पास से Amount Deduct कर लेता है फिर NETC MAPPER को Inform कर देता है।
  9. NETC Mapper , Acquirer Bank को Information forward कर देता है फिर Acquirer Bank Toll Plaza System में ये बता देता है की “Transaction Successful” हो गया फिर Successful होते ही Barrier खुल जायगा और आप आगे अपनी Journey Continue कर सकते है।

What is the benefit of Fastag?

  • If you use Fastag on your vehicle, you will not need to stand in long queues at toll plazas.
  • The possibility of corruption on toll plazas can be eliminated.
  • The possibility of an argument with the employee of the Toll Plaza will end.
  • You won’t even have to worry about having cash money or loose money.
  • Your profitable time will also be saved.

Fastag को कैसे बनवाएं?

To get Fastag made, follow the following prescribed process:

To get Fastag made, you have to go to the application or website prescribed for Fastag.
There you can register by filling your details.
Must complete KYC.
Upload all the information related to your vehicle.
Upload other documents when asked for.

In this way you can get Fastag and can also research it online. Your Fastag account does not need to be linked with the bank for recharge.

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How To Work Fastag technology ?

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