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10 Top Best Video Editing App

10 Top Best Video Editing App For Instagram Reels

10 Top Best Video Editing App For Instagram Reels – Instagram reels are short-form videos in the format similar to TikTok and let you create between 15 and 60 seconds videos to attract your audience. Instead of uploading your reels in the manner you would when you have created reels, you should modify the video of your reels to ensure it is appealing to your viewers. This article outlines the most basic editing techniques you must be aware of while working with reels, as well as some of the most effective editing tools for editing your reels prior to uploading.

How To Add Audio To Reels

If you go to the reels section within your Instagram page, you’ll watch a wide variety of videos that have audio clips that are playing in the background and the fundamental editing skills on reels are the addition of audios. You must be able to create the right audio that is appropriate for your post.

  • Visit the Instagram reels page, and then take a video.
  • Hit the play button.
  • Find the right audio to match the video you’re watching.
  • Choose the sound you like and then crop it according to the lyrics you’d like
  • Click the Add button to apply music to your video

Check if the audio you have selected is included in the video. If it is, then put it up on your Instagram reels tab.

How To Add Captions To Reels

Captions are a crucial aspect of Instagram reels. Make sure you write captions that complement your content and provide clarity on what you are presenting to viewers. People watch videos without turning off the audio, so including captions in your video can help these kinds of viewers to be aware of the video’s content. Also, it helps those who have hearing impairments to comprehend your video. When you add captions to your video, it gets more views, likes comments, shares, and gets higher engagement.

  • Make your own video
  • Make sure you add the right audio to the video, and save the video
  • Then, write the captions beneath the video.
  • Your captions must be written between 150 characters
  • After you have added an appropriate caption you can post it to your Instagram reels

How To Shoot Reels Hands-Free

The hands-free feature allows you to record videos without having to hold the record button. when you press the record button, it will shoot the video to the end. It lets you create an all-body video while you perform tasks.

  • Start reels on your Instagram account
  • Select the timer that is located to the left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Choose a time period between 5 and 30 seconds.
  • You can also choose an already recorded countdown that begins with between 3 and 10 seconds.
  • After you’ve set the time, press the recording button in order to record your video
  • After you have shot your footage, you can edit it it, and upload it to your reels
How To Add Filters To Reels

There are several AR filters available on Instagram that can be an important component to attract attention to the people who view them. The blur filter you use will influence your engagement rates and if your engagement rate is low, you may not become popular with other users. The majority of people enjoy watching videos that are rich in clarity and quality.

Therefore, removing blur filters helps viewers more engaged with your video. By adding filters and special effects, you can increase the number of likes on Instagram reels and likesfor your posts because a large number of likes are what encourages viewers to click and view your reels. If your engagement rate is higher, your post will be more prominent among the increasing number of Instagram users.

  • Click on the smiley-face icon on your Instagram reels page.
  • Use the filters to swipe left to right and you can view more unique filters
  • If you are in need of an AR filter, you need to move your finger to the end and then select the Explorer page to select new filters.
  • Pick the filter that you like and take the video.
  • After filming the video, upload it to your Instagram reels

Top Video Editing Tools

We’ll now move to the top 6 videos editing software (applications) that you can use for Instagram and be aware of the features. Before posting your videos on the Instagram reels, do some changes using these powerful tools. The editing tools. This will help you make your posts more appealing to viewers and make sure that everyone shares their videos with no editing.

1. Horizon Camera

10 Top Best Video Editing App
10 Top Best Video Editing App

Horizon Camera is an application which allows you to take as well as edit video for Instagram and can be utilized on both android and iOS mobile phones. The application automatically adjusts the videos and photos you shoot them and converts your video to vertical format, if the videos are in landscape. Editors can apply filters such as lossless zoom, eight fun filters, as well as an excellent video playlist that includes great collection. Once you have edited your footage with the Horizon camera you may share the video on different social media sites directly.

2. Video Show

Video Show
Video Show

It’s the most effective Instagram video editing app with all the features other video editing apps. The app for video shows offers 400 million people who have access and has earned 4,00,000 five star ratings on the Google Play Store. The video show app it is possible to add stickers, cut the length of your video, add audio and text in simple ways.

The application comes with a unique feature that lets you create your own artwork, which other applications do not have. If you pay and sign up to the app for video shows it will provide you with an elite membership program that comes with a variety of great options like no watermark or logo, HD video export, an adjustable sound change, a longer GIF videos, theme and all the paid materials.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premier rush an extremely popular Instagram video editing program that lets you make, edit, and upload your videos. You can record your video with the Adobe premier rush app with a lot of options. Adobe Premier Rush comes with motion graphics feature that allows you to create an impressive title. After you have edited your video, you can connect to your cloud and access the latest version. The editing software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also has paid and free editing tools.

4. Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam
Giphy Cam

Giphy is also known by the name of “animated images” because they aren’t real videos. Giphy cam is among the video editing programs that lets you make a variety of gifs, and make your video as funny to the max. Giphy cam is able to add audio, text stickers, filters, and gifs, to create a video that is engaging on Instagram. In the application you are able to make the images of your friends or videos that are funny by using animated gifs. You can then click on the videos you have taken from your camera roll to convert the images into gifs. You can then share them on Instagram account.

5. Inshot


Inshot is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Inshot allows you to use Inshot to edit your video in a perfect way to upload to your Instagram page, by adding your own music, text and some brand new special effects, filters and filters to your post to make it more creative.

Inshot offers a unique feature to zoom in and out the video as you wish that provides a clear perspective for your viewers. It is possible to combine multiple photos and videos using blank canvas. Inshot offers features such as duplicate, precut, speed and delete that can be useful in editing your video.

6. Kinemaster


Kinemaster is among the most effective mobile video editing applications available in 2019. It makes application of Kinemaster filters that create your Instagram video more creative and to entertain your followers. The application assists you in adding music, text and trip clips, incorporating videos, creating new backgrounds, etc. Kinemaster has a feature where allows you to add your personal voice-over for your video and post it on Instagram. Kinemaster offers a full green screen effect, which allows to make your background clear with a unique way. It offers free and paid subscriptions, and with both subscriptions, you are able to add files.

7. Canva’s Video Editor
Canva's Video Editor
Canva’s Video Editor

The majority of professionals and creators of content are aware about Canva’s capabilities to edit photos and graphic design however did you know that the platform has the ability to create a video editor as well? It’s great for creating very high-quality Instagram Reels that will perform effectively within the system.

Here are its most notable features:

  • A plethora of templates you can customize to fit your own ideas
  • Millions of free illustrations and photos to use in your videos.
  • A social media calendarer so that you can post your videos
  • A possibility to have the videos converted, archived and published anyplace
  • Works for TikTok Video, Video Slideshow, Video Collage, YouTube Video, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels
  • Team collaboration is a feature of the team.

8. FilmoraGo


Filmora is a well-known tool for editing videos. The company later launched the mobile version of FIlmoraGo which allows users to modify and make amazing videos right at their fingertips. You can also add animated texts, stickers, text overlays and more. to create Reels more appealing.

It also comes with a library of music that is royalty-free which means you can choose the appropriate background music to create the Reels mood and trigger viewers’ emotions by presenting your content.

9. WeVideo


WeVideo is a different video editing software that lets you to make professional-looking reels. It offers the most user-friendly interface of these applications, and comes with the ability to preview your footage on full screen and a timeline to edit your footage.

It can support 4K resolution and also gives you the green screen effect that can assist you in making these videos more pleasing to the eye. In addition, it offers an extensive library of royalty-free music, sound effects and footage clips to help improve the visuals of your Reels.

WeVideo lets users of different levels of knowledge to make professional Reels videos for personal use as well as sharing on the internet. The most appealing feature of WeVideo is its cloud-based service that allows that you can access your work at any time and from any device.

10. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a creative suite that consists consisting of Adobe Spark Page (for storytelling and photography), Adobe Spark Post (for social media posts) as well as Adobe Spark Video.

Although it doesn’t have all the features that editors require but it’s an extremely robust platform. It provides easy-to-use templates, fully customizable brand templates as well as a massive font library, as well as collaboration and sharing tools.

The platform was created to be a platform for everyday storytelling, which means it can meet the needs of marketers and users on a regular basis. Furthermore, thanks to seamless content sync between mobile and desktop devicesyou can enjoy an extremely optimized workflow.

Adobe Spark is best for making short videos — take a look at Instagram videos with a bite-sized format and Story ads. With its intuitive interface, even novice video creators can play around and produce eye-catching videos.

This is precisely the reason it’s so highly on our list of priorities.

Adobe Spark features
  • Simple-to-use templates, completely customizable templates with branded designs with a massive font library, as well as tools for collaboration and sharing. allows you to customize your company’s logo color, fonts, and colors which allows you to easily customize your videos to be more branded with just a few clicks
  • Templates that can be customized to hundreds of different designs for brand marketing as well as personal projects
  • With this cloud-based application you are able to carry your work wherever you travel.
  • – A user-friendly interface for video editing and simple navigation
  • Vast collection of royalty-free templates, images pictures Icons, fonts and more assets
  • Dedicated mobile app that lets you make content through your phone

Adobe Spark Pros

  • A variety of templates for storytelling that can be customized
  • The user can create their own personal media library to store their creative ideas that you can use when you’re running low on time.
  • Seamless content synchronization between desktop and mobile devices to streamline your workflow and reduce time and space for exports
  • Designs and templates created by the community of users that will ensure that your project looks contemporary and stand apart from your competitors


Reels give people a brand new means to express themselves and aid anyone who has the goal to become a well-known creator become popular through Instagram Reels. They help people connect with new audiences across the globe. There are editing effects available on Instagram Try to make your videos more appealing than the rest using these six top editing tools. In the past you had to edit your videos using the help of computers and today, mobile editing apps simplify our work. You can now edit your video to give it professional appearance and then post it to your Instagram.

10 Top Best Video Editing App For Instagram Reels


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