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Ankush Goyal Influencer Wiki Biography, Age, Education,

Ankush Goyal Influencer Wiki Biography, Age, Education, Work Professionalism

Ankush Goyal Influencer – Ankush Goyal is a Social Media Influencer & Amazon Influencer. Born on the 1st September in Bazidpur Katianwali, Punjab. At present, he works as a software engineer with two years of experience at Wipro, Pune.

It takes perseverance, commitment and perseverance to achieve the highest level of the ladder and work in order to hold the post. He is multi-talented.

Discussion on influencer Journey

In my interview, I talk about my journey. from a young age, I’ve always wanted to discover new experiences. I am always awed by poses as Sharukh Khan. In my first year at college, ‘ was on trend and I decided to begin making videos about it.

At first, I began making humorous videos as well as duets for entertainment to post videos, but not receiving much attention. However, I didn’t quit. However, as they say that everyone has just one chance in their lives.

I was really impressed by Mr. MTV’s videos. I bought my first iPhone that was an iPhone 4 and created my first video about the song from the film Jannat. The video was a hit with over 500K views.

I began to receive huge comments and encouragement from my followers. This was the pivotal moment in my life. The day I made the decision that there’s no turning back. Then I joined forces with a lot of Instagram influencers, and started creating videos for share chat and was also verified.

Following having been banned by TikTok restriction I started making reels for Instagram. To be honest, I’m overwhelmed an incredible response from the community.
At present, Ankush Goyal Influencer loves to produce content. in addition to Instagram with over 55k followers, I’m moj, that has more than 270K followers. and Mx Takatak, Tiki, and other social media platforms too.

2. What inspired you to launch your account on Instagram and what’s the story behind it?

Ankush Goyal is an adventurer. I’m not able to sit in one spot for very long. I’m passionate about clicking images, taking pictures of every moment of my life. It helps me find peace within myself. This way I am able to live every moment of my life. I love exploring new locations.

In the beginning, I began uploading photos or videos through editing, because Instagram is the most suitable platform for a large audience. Like I draw inspiration from the people I want to be, to inspire, people should also draw inspiration from my experiences.

Then, as I began to receive positive feedback on my posts I was inspired to write quality content. I write about Fashion travel, entertainment, travel and life in general. I am an authentic Amazon influencerand collaborated with a variety of brands.

3. Your concept of success? Or your motto in life?

My concept of success, or my motto for life would be “whatever you’re doing in life, you must do it flawlessly. Do not worry about the end result and just give 100 100%. No matter where you begin, just finish it as Dhoni.”
Dhoniis my idol and my source of inspiration. I am always following the footsteps of his.

4. Which book is your most loved and what is the reason?

Ankush Goyal Influencer’s favorite book is “Five Point Someone” Written by Chetan Bhagat. This book is a reminder of my college times.

NameAnkush Goyal
Nick NameAnku
Business Email[email protected]
Birth PlaceAbohar
Current CityPune
SchoolingGodwin public school
CollegeDav college abohar
HobbiesPhotography and cricket
Likes/DislikesLike- music
dislike- fake people
Date of Birth01/09/1996
Religion you followHindu
Ideal PersonMs dhoni
Fav Political PartyBJP
Fav PoliticianModi
Fav BeveragesCold Drink

Ankush Goyal Influencer Wiki Biography, Age, Education, Work Professionalism

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