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vikrant rona

Vikrant Rona Review Movie Url Link in Hindi

Vikrant Rona Review- Kiccha Sudeep was waiting to see the movie of his biggest film Vikrant Rona for a long period of. The film finally made it to the theaters today. Let’s find out how it goes.


Vikrant Rona is a period-set drama set in an ancient village known as Komarattu located in Karnataka. A police officer is mysteriously killed and the police are called in by the police inspector Vikrant Rona(Sudeep) in order to investigate the incident. After an investigation, he finds that sixteen other children were also killed and that the murders are connected to his own life. What’s the link? Who is the perpetrator? What was the method by which Vikrant Rona find the culprit? The rest is the story.

Vikrant Rona Review Movie
Vikrant Rona Review Movie

Plus Points

One of the greatest advantages of the film are the production quality which is astounding. The setting and the created world appear intriguing and create a mood for the viewers. The camerawork that reveals the forest imagery and striking BGM are the core for the movie.

Sudeep is a significant asset since his performance is spectacular. Sudeep has a lot of single scenes, and has to carry the entire film on his own shoulders. Sudeep was a master at it. Sudeep looks extremely healthy and did a great job in the final scene.

Jacqueline Fernandez plays a cameo and is cute as she sings the Rakamma song. The plot is established with great ease in the initial 15 minutes in the film. The conclusion and how the killer is revealed is done very well at the closing.

vikrant rona
vikrant rona

Director John C. Reilly has created an entirely new universe to tell the story of an action thriller. visual effects play a significant part and looks stunning. The other actors also performed excellent in their roles. Nirup Bhandari is given a hefty part and performs well.

Minus Points

One of the main disadvantages of the film are the excessive length. The film should be cut down for at least 15 minutes straight, and one song could be cut to make the experience more enjoyable.

After the story is established well within the first 15 minutes, things go far off track. The love track as well as the manner in which Sudeep examines the case are at times confusing and can bore viewers. Even the intermission bang doesn’t do much to draw attention.

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The screenplay of suspense-oriented films must be thrilling but this isn’t the case in this film. In some scenes, it’s impressive, however for the remainder of the scenes there is a delay that is created, which slows down the film for a time. There are some action sequences that aren’t needed to be there.

vikrant rona
vikrant rona
Technical Aspects

As we mentioned the production quality is high-end and one can discern that the forest locations are sets. The BGM as well as the props as well as costumes and the visuals are captivating. The editing is not great, but the screenplay was adequate. Telugu dubbing was good.

When it comes to the filmmaker Anup Bhandari, he’s accomplished a decent job with this film. The concept of the story is basic but the universe was created by him to tell the suspense thriller is incredible.

His actors, characterization and the technical team all do an excellent job. However, Vikrant Rona isn’t quite there in terms of an engaging screenplay. To distract the viewers the narration is erratic and causes more confusion for the viewers. If he had edited 15 minutes and presented his story in a straightforward style, the results would have been more impressive.


Overall, Vikrant Rona is a suspense thriller that features excellent backdrop, an outstanding performance from Sudeep and a stunning production quality. The creation of the world is intriguing however the long length and confusing screenplay divert the attention of the viewers. If you’re okay with the negatives above The film will be an enjoyable watch this weekend.

vikrant rona
vikrant rona

Vikrant Rona sees growth in occupancy

The film’s cinematography is created by William David, editing by Ashik Kusugolli, as well as compositions by B Ajaneesh Loknath.

This film was scheduled to go to the screens in 2020, was delayed several times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-produced through Shalini Arts and Invenio Films India, Vikrant Rona will be released on July 28 , in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, English as well as in other languages, including Arabic, German, Russian and Mandarin.


Kichcha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona trailer came out the following day. And needless to say, it’s got online users talking. People have posted images of the opening scene of the trailer, and they have been praising the trailer. The trailer is packed with stunning VFX and images The town scene Kichcha Sudeep’s appearance on an aircraft, the small glance of Jacqueline Fernandez – everything about the trailer is magnificent and stunning. The best part? Twitter users are already loving it! Before we dive into the details of what Twitter has to say about the Vikrant Rona’s trailer, here’s sharing it in case the way you missed it:

The next step is to see the Twitter responses. One fan posted on Twitter and wrote “Say loudly, and louder …… It’s Kannada Cinema Thank you @anupsbhandari sir, nothing else to add… This is what we’ve been waiting for all these years Thank you @KicchaSudeep Anna. #VikrantRona @VikrantRonaTrailer (sic).”

After sparking the curiosity of the public with the announcement of the trailer’s release date for the much-anticipated movie Vikrant Rona, Kiccha Sudeep posted on Instagram on Monday to share an intriguing teaser that features breathtaking BTS footage.

In a teaser released by Kiccha, we can see the actor escaping from the forest as an eerie background music gives us goosebumps. We also get scenes behind the scenes as Kiccha prepares for his shoot and interacts with film’s crew during the shoot on the set for the movie. There are also different scenes made in fire and rain as well as the teaser closing with the film’s name. The trailer for the film will be released on June 23rd.

Vikrant Rona Review Movie Download Hindi

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