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Google people card

Google people card क्या है? और कैसे बनाते है? Google People Card Details

Google People Card Details – Hello friends, Pinky Yadav, I warmly welcome you in this article of today… what is my topic today? How to make it? So let’s get started

Google people card Kya Hai ?

Google people card details is a virtual visiting card launched by google India. In this feature, you can add your information, such as Your Bio, Website, Social Profiles, Photo.

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Whenever a person searches your name in Google from any corner of the world, it will show like a visiting card. Any people can make this Virtual Card for free. In this era, this feature can also be created through mobile.

But on typing your name on the desktop version of Google, it will show in the search result.

Now you will not need to walk anywhere with a visiting card in your pocket, you can create Online Virtual Visiting Card with the help of Google.

Google people card कैसे create करें?

Friends, this is great news for designers and developers in India… Google has launched people card which is a search feature, which is of great use to Designers, Developers, Freelancers, Enterpreneurs, Influencers like you.

This is also called your virtual identity card, which will increase your online or internet presence.

If you are an experience designer, developer or freshers, everyone should make their own people card on google. Let us see how people make cards.

  1. First of all, go to Google and write your name. Note that you have logged in from your profile itself. Then on that you have to search your own name
  2. As soon as you search your name on google, you will already see Add yourself to google search in the block. On that you have to click on Get Started.
  3. After that a page will open on which create a public profile will be written, you have to go there and go down and fill all your details… so that if anyone searches like your name, then your name will also be visible to him.
  4. In the same way, you have to give all the information to google, so that all your information is indexed in google search and if anyone searches Pinki Yadav then it will also see your profile.
  5. After that you have to go to Add Social Profile picture and add the social profile that you have and then click on Save.
  6. After saving, when you will be successful then you will be told that Your Search Card has been updated and will appear in search result shortly.
  7. After that, if you do View search card, it will show you how the search card is showing you, now the most important thing is the profile picture which will identify you. Because many people can be on Google by the name of Pinki yadav.
  8. You simply have to go to Profile Picture Edit and upload the picture.
  9. Your picture has been successfully uploaded. It is very important to put a profile picture, because it will give you more preference.
  10. After that you can search your name by going to the home page again, and you will find that your google people card has been successfully created.
  11. In this way your people card index has now been done in google. In this way google people card is very useful for designers, developer’s.
  12. In this way it is a very easy way to index your company and yourself in Google.

I hope friends that you have liked this article of mine today and if you have come, please like and share it.

Google People Card Details

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Google People Card Details
Google People Card Details

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